Craft means excellence.

A good cup of coffee has passed through many hands, from the farmer all the way to the friendly barista. We make sure you're getting the best ethically sourced and delicious drink.


Indoor seating is temporarily closed until further notice. Limited patio seating remains open.

Our mission has always been and will continue to be "Love Coffee, Love People". It has been a hard time of decision making for many small businesses and we have felt the immense pressure of that as well. We want to continue to do what we do best and that is to serve great coffee and love people.

With that in mind we have decided to close down indoor seating for the time being. We hope that you will come grab a coffee and take a walk outside or sit in the parking lot with a friend. Our hope is that you can find safe and creative ways, as we are doing, to still intentionally meet your loved ones where you can.

Thank you for understanding that this is the only option possible for us. To partake in the exemption program, we would require a valiant staff member to stand at the door from open to close 7 days a week. We take pride in paying our staff well, so the cost of having someone there at each location during all operating hours is sadly not affordable at this time.

Closing indoor seating so that everyone must wear a mask, social distance, and be in-and-out in a short period of time is the only way we can continue operating safely and fairly. We continue to use increased sanitization methods and follow all the rules so that everyone can be safe while grabbing their coffee.

Your support and understanding is and always will be appreciated.

Love, Square 1 Coffee

THe hours, and the way.

Grab a bite with friends, or get your coffee with lunch to go. Either way, good times ahead.

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